2 March 2008

Shut the Shop Doors against Global Warming

Seeing shop doors kept wide open during shopping hours in the midsts of the coldest weather, and thinking of the utterly unnecessary heating up of the streets and the increase of our carbon footprint, saddens me.

What is the purpose of sending delegates to Bali to negotiate better environment protection agreements, if we are not prepared to push a door to get into a shop?

I have complained in several such shops. In most of them, the employees listened with polite unconcern, but in some the employees asked me to write to the management, as they themselves hated working in the breeze coming from the street - this I did, but to no avail.

But there was a little success: In one shop, one day after a discussion about whether open doors where necessary for wheelchair users' access, and whether shop assistants could do that themsleves, the shop started keeping its doors shut.

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